10,000 Saudi Binladin Group workers to get pay

bin laden employee in Riyadh

JEDDAH: May 9.
Abdullah Al-Alyan (Director general of the Labor Ministry’s Makkah branch) said that the Saudi Binladin Group will pay the salaries of 10,000 of its employees during the month of May.

He also told local media that the company will complete the transfer procedures of around 16,000
employees who have moved the sponsorship to other national companies.

Al-Alyan said the transfer of service procedure will be completed within 24 hours for the benefit of
companies seeking to employ them.

“The workers of Binladin group enjoy good work experience and skills that qualify them to immediately
join the labor market. This will save many companies recruiting costs should they wish to employ
them,” he said.

A total of 69,000 employees have been dismissed by the company, said Al-Ayan, adding that the computer
services of the company will remain in operation until all money transactions of the workers are

He confirmed that the renewal of residency cards for the workers were exempted so that the bank
accounts and the procedures to transfer sponsorships would not be affected.

“The procedures that have been suspended for the company include recruitment, acquiring visas and
change of profession. Any worker with delayed salaries should file an official complaint with the
labor disputes settlement commission, the body of jurisdiction in all labor cases,” said Al-Alyan.

The Binladin group was blacklisted and prevented from entering into new bids or projects following the
crane crash at the Grand Mosque in Makkah during the last Haj season, which claimed 107 lives.
However, the government recently removed the company from the blacklist and allowed it to implement
government projects. The travel ban on the company’s executives was also lifted.
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