252,218 illegals deported in 10 months

illegal depotion from saudi arabia

JEDDAH: A total of 252,218 violators of the residence and work laws, at the rate of 840 per day, were deported from the Kingdom in the last 10 months of the Islamic calendar.
According to government statistics, security authorities, represented by the Border Guard, arrested 22,455 people (on an average 75 per day) attempting to infiltrate Saudi ports during the above mentioned period.
Nearly 12,088 violators are still waiting to complete their deportation procedures in accommodation centers designated by the state for such people.
Makkah and Riyadh regions recorded the highest percentage of offenders being deported, with a rate of nearly 55 percent.
The General Directorate of Border Guards, meanwhile, is working to transform their services to electronic transactions for achieving top safety and quality standards.