AAP’s reaction on offering water to Bhagwant Mann by Modi

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Delhi: AAP leader Sanjay react the event of PM Modi’s offering water to AAP MP Bhagwant Mann in the Parliament.  Sanjay Sing said “Today our Prime Minister was playing in the offering water formality, if he supplies water to the dying farmers due to thirst in the country, the event of offering water was not come.”

Sanjay Singh said this in a press conference called for CBI raid in Delhi Secretariat. The AAP leader was also aggressive toward finance minister Arun Jetly. Sanjay Singh said that home ministry wrote letter to sports ministry about the corruptions happened in DDCA and asked to take action. 

He said the ministry wrote to the Delhi government to investigate corruption in the DDCA. Then Delhi Govt. made team of officials. Investigation conducted and report came. Kejriwal had to take further action. To influence the action central Govt. shows the CBI drama.

Sanjay Singh said the investigation of corruption will not complete if Arun Jeltly held finance ministry. Arun Jaitley should first resign. Sanjay Singh claimed that information will be issued on Wednesday from the party to DDCA. Then people will know how the cricket was made mud by these people (Arun Jetly).

AAP leader also claimed to investigate about how the property of Arun Jeltly increased within one year.