Citizens can use private cars as taxis


RIYADH: The Ministry of Transport has decided to allow citizens to use their private cars for transporting people.
The step comes in line with the ministry’s plan to organize and develop the transport sector through the use of latest technology, the ministry said.

Once implemented, the plan will help ease the problems of commuters and provide job opportunities to citizens — a field currently dominated by foreign workers.

It will also minimize security concerns as citizens will be dominating the field, the ministry said.
Job seekers including university students, government and private sector employees will benefit from the new plan, the ministry added.

The government will give priority to Saudis seeking jobs especially those registered with the “Jadara” and “Saed” systems.
The ministry is working on a plan to create a mechanism to match the applications with the requirements of citizens who desire to work in this field.

The ministry wants these services to be linked to the Wasel electronic platform, which has been launched by the ministry in cooperation with its technical partner “Alam.”

The platform will allow the ministry and the security authorities to identity the drivers, the data of the vehicle and its destination.

The ministry has appealed to all firms providing transport services through these applications to correct their status in accordance with the new regulations within three months.
Meanwhile, the ministry and the Public Transport Authority are making an overall assessment of the current taxi services to lay down a new vision for new services in line with Vision 2030, the ministry said.