Details of ‘Green Card’ for expats coming on Monday

saudi green card system coming very soon-liveind24

22 April, Riyadh: Labor Minister of Saudi Arabia has said that his ministry is still waiting for details of the “Green Card” for expatriates proposed recently by Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The Minister was speaking during a press conference about Saudization in the country, a local daily reported. The report said an announcement is going to be made on coming Monday on the residency system for 11 million expatriates in the country.

Prince Mohammed had mooted the Green Card plan earlier this month during an interview with Bloomberg about the country’s measures to diversify the economy in the wake of the slump in oil prices.

The minister also said that the government is going ahead with the Saudization of the telecommunications sector, and that expatriates could either stay and change jobs or leave the Kingdom. He said the ministry was putting in place plans with other government agencies to enforce the new directive.

“The labor market is being assessed and analyzed to make sure that there are Saudis prepared and trained to take up jobs in the telecommunications sector. Our youth have already enrolled in such training programs and are ready for work,” he said.

In a statement released after opening up the labor market forum in Riyadh on Tuesday, the minister said the ministry was analyzing various business activities according to new regulations that came into force this week.

The main aim was to ensure that there were jobs for Saudis, that would help boost the country’s economy. The plans were being implemented with the private sector, Human Resources Development Fund, Technical and Vocational Training Corporation and General Organization for Social Insurance.

Abdul Rahman Al-Zamil, chairman of the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said the private sector was aware of its responsibilities. “We should prioritize jobs for our children, men and women.”

“We are facing some challenges but these could be overcome through cooperation with the ministry. The government is a partner in the search for the most effective mechanisms and means to enhance employment opportunities for citizens,” he said.
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