difference between Pakistani Gulzar and Farman


Following the announcement of the name of perpetrator of a terrorist operation, which took place here recently, who turned out to be Abdullah Gulzar, a Pakistani resident, Jeddah people remembered the story of Farman Ali, the Pakistani resident who died saving 14 people from drowning in 2009 Jeddah floods, Al-Hayat daily reported.


Farman saved 14 people who were trapped in the floods and died while trying to save another person. The difference between both Pakistanis is obvious; one was loyal to the country he lived in while the other was a mean and dishonest person who sold his soul to extremists and worked with them destabilize the country.

Following Farman’s death, all Saudis showed great respect for him and towards his heroic act. Following Gulzar’s terrorist operation, all Saudis condemned Gulzar but did hold his family responsible for his actions.

Farman used wood planks to rescue 14 persons and died when he tried to save the last one because the water swept him away. In recognition of his heroic act, late King Abdullah ordered that Farman be decorated with King Abdulaziz First-Class Medal. King Saud University offered Farman’s brother a scholarship to learn the Arabic language then enrolled him in an undergraduate program. Farman’s family was showered with cash and non-cash gifts while the Pakistani government granted his family a piece of land in Islamabad and 500,000 rupees. One of the Jeddah streets carries the name of Farman.

Hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis live and work in the Kingdom and feel they belong to this country and millions of other expats live here too and feel the same way.