Expat’s bid to smuggle out SR2m foiled


ABHA: Customs personnel at Abha International Airport arrested an Asian expat for trying to smuggle more than SR2 million in cash out of the country. The man had approximately one and a half million stacked in a suitcase and half a million tied around his legs, a local publication reported.
The Asian expat distributed the sum he stacked in the suitcase in different compartments of the bag, as well as in the pockets of the clothes, while the other half a million he tied on his legs and wore socks over them.
Customs officers were suspicious of the man and after a thorough search, found the money and commenced their investigations in order to determine who else was in involved in the case.
The official spokesman for the Saudi Customs, Issa Al-Issa, said to the publication that while the customs controller was watching from his place in front of the office for customs declarations he became suspicious of a passenger leaving the country, a Bengali national, and when the customs officer asked him if he had money in his possession, he denied carrying any.
“Upon searching his bag, the officer found a sum of SR1,470,000. When he began searching his clothes and body, the officer found an amount of SR149,000 stashed inside the elastic socks on his legs. Then the authorities reclaimed his luggage which was already on the plane and found even more money hidden in the pockets of his jeans in both his first and second suitcases,” Al-Issa said.
The case will be addressed under Article 16 of the regulations on anti-money laundering, which involves the forfeiture of the funds and mandates that the case be referred to the competent authorities for further procedures.

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