Father’s diet habit impact on Children’s mental health.

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If you are going to be a father then this news for you. It impacts on your pre-born child's may have on mental health. The effect on the mother's diet and baby are well researched, while possibly: The first time Father's diet could have on her child behavior and hormonal effects have been studied.  The study, conducted under the leadership of Antonio Polini  RMIT School of Health Sciences, compared those male rats who took much more food with those whom consumed 25% fewer calories food. Polini said, however, there is no direct connection with father's and his pre-born baby. There are not changes in mother behavior, but those rats had a limited amount of food their children are more lightweight, they eat less and less of them showed discomfort."

Polini said ‘‘This indicates that  According to the behavior of the father, the children of the mice occurred the difference in the way of genes work. It comes up that a generation may have the effect of diet may have on the second generation." Polini said.

The study was published in the journal psychoneuroendocrinology.