Foreigners, rents hamper Saudization of telecommunications sector


YANBU – Youth wishing to work in the field of telecommunications and maintenance of mobile phones here face some problems that threaten to derail the country’s efforts toward Saudiziation of this sector.

A number of people complained about the crisis in the area of distribution; because of foreign labor being in control of this work, not to provide the shops with the necessary accessories, or raise the spare parts prices and accessories in an exaggerated manner, along with rising rents.

People demanded interventions in order to find solutions to these problems. The branch of labor office in the district confirmed the intensifying of inspections against violators firmly.

The young man Wafi Al-Anma said, “I thank God to find a source of income for me, and bid farewell to unemployment after me and my colleagues began managing the shop instead of foreign labor. But we are facing a serious problem with distributors of appliances and those who fight against us, and they agreed to suspend everything including devices and accessories, in order to stymie the customer, who does not find anything to buy.”

Badr Al-Hubaishi called for the prevention of these people to control the supply of hardware and accessories.

Ayman Al-Juhani raised another problem with the distributors that those who accept them on the distribution of goods ordered in shops, resort to raising prices and in some cases doubling the price; which thus compels people to raise the cost of selling a device to customers.

In the meantime, each of the students Faisal Al-Juhani, Ahmed Attia, and Salman Al-Juhani stressed the need to organize intensive courses for those working in telecommunication stores that sell mobile phones to hone their skills in the field of maintenance, programming; because they are desperately in need of it, especially as the majority of customers tend to crash their devices and are in dire need for maintenance.

Mohamed Al-Juhani, and Meshaal Al-Marwani added another dimension to the problem and said that rents are high as both were requested to pay SR5,500 to rent a shop and the price is exaggerated. They stressed the need to control and reduce rents as much as possible.