How can you re-use an old smartphone

old phone

Old smart phones are lying in some corner your house or given to someone. If you will sell them then the price will not acceptable.

Apple brings to market new models every year and dozens of companies that use the Android operating system, probably release new phone in market every week.

if you have kept non use smart phone in your house then learn here how to re use it . If you have a passion to listen to music in the car so your old iPhone or Android device might come in handy. Just do download some music and software associated with car.

If you want to use GPS for iPhone and wish to see it in landscape mode just downloaded SBRotator ( or clicking by here) very useful app for you by spending of some dollars

If you’re thinking to used an old Android Smartphone then you can download an app “Ultimate Rotation Control” from Google Play Store  ( or by clicking by here)


This smartphone you can keep in your car and then you can use when needed. Listen to music in the car or on the way with the help of the GPS signal can find roads and related informations . if Android smartphone requires data connectivity if it can connect to your new smartphone as so far you needed. And if you’re used the iPhone by support of  Tethering connect old iPhone to your new iPhone.