Indian expats’ problem resolved: Saudi envoy


New Delhi (7 August 2016): The problems of Indian workers in Saudi Arabia have been “resolved,” the Kingdom’s ambassador to India said, maintaining that the plight of Indians, who had gone without food for three days, was “an isolated case.”
Speaking to The Hindu newspaper, Ambassador Saud Al-Sati said all workers affected would be fed, have papers arranged and flown back to India, if required, at the expense of the Saudi government.

“The problem was the result of an individual act by one company (Saudi Oger). We are also aware of the company that is responsible, and steps have been taken about it. But let me repeat, this was an isolated case, not a trend or some phenomenon existing across other companies.”

“Three million Indians live and work in Saudi Arabia, enjoy their life in Saudi Arabia. And there has been no change in the average number of Indians traveling to work in Saudi Arabia. So where is the problem?” he said.
Meanwhile, India’s Minister of State for External Affairs Gen. V.K. Singh, in an interview with Arab News on Friday, praised Saudi generosity in dealing with the problem of laid-off and unpaid Indians.

“I visited camps to learn firsthand the concerns of our people and assured them that they need not worry as the governments of India and Saudi Arabia were working together for their well-being.”

He said that for those willing to continue in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi government would arrange for their transfer to other companies and renew their residency permits (iqama) without charge.

Regarding the clearance of financial dues, the Saudi government has assured the Indian minister that claims should be filed with the Labor and Social Development Ministry through the Indian missions. “Efforts will be made to get dues as quickly as possible after completing legal and other formalities.”