LED bulb can help to build 100 times faster internet than Wi-Fi.

LED bulb can help to build 100 times faster internet than Wi-Fi.Li-Fi_Liveind24

A new kind of wireless internet technology Has developed Which can provide a connection that is 100 times faster than conventional Wi-Fi. The name of this technology is li-fi and it is tested by a start-up Velmenni In Estonia and currently being trial in offices. Proved that Li-Fi speeds up to 1 Gbps which sends the data 100 times faster than most existing Wi-Fi connections are.

Tests showed that theoretically it could be up to 224 gigabit per second speeds. The speed depends on how the data is being transferred. Data is transferred by visible light communication (VLC) In this technique. Data sent between networks via LED light which transmitted much faster. But the big disadvantage of this technique is that it cannot be deployed outdoors in direct sunlight, because that would interfere with its signal, and also walls cannot pass. But the network becomes secure enough.

2LED bulb can help to build 100 times faster-liveind24The term li-fi was first coined by Prof Harald Haas from Edinburgh University but this is the first used in ‘real world’. Speaking to the International Business Times, the chief executive of Velmenni,  Deepak Solanki said, that the technology could reach consumers “within three to four years”.

Because of the Limitations of Li-Fi will run with existing technology, will not able to take place of current technology, will help increase speed and efficiency only. Prof. Harald Haas said at a Ted (Technology Entertainment and Design) conference in 2011,  If infrastructure could develop properly, the use of Li-Fi will be increase significantly. Especially if it could be transmit via our light bulbs then the possibilities will increase much more.  Haas said, “We just have to do attach a small micro Chip in possible Light emitting device, this will be added two basic functionality -lights and wireless data transmission”