No curb on male domestic workers from Bangladesh

bangladeshi workers in saudi arabia

RIYADH: There is no suspension on the recruitment of Bangladeshi male domestic workers to the Kingdom, a senior diplomat from the country’s mission told Arab News on Monday.

Confirming that the recruitment of male and female domestic workers has been continuing as usual, Mohamed Sarwar Alam, embassy labor counsellor, ruled out such a suspension that was thought to have been imposed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.

According to Alam, the Labor Ministry had categorically stressed that so far no changes had been made to the recruitment of domestic aides to the Kingdom.

“The two governments of Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia are working very closely to increase the recruitment of male domestic workers according to the decision of the last joint technical committee meeting, and both nations are implementing their commitment to enhance the relations between their countries, particularly in the field of manpower,” he said.

“There are some 60,000 female domestic aides out of the total 1.3 million Bangladeshi workers in the Kingdom. Visas for male domestic workers began being issued from June and there is a sizable number of such men coming into the Kingdom regularly,” he said, adding that an average of 6,000 female workers are arriving in the Kingdom on a monthly basis. “We have around 48 categories of workers serving in all parts of the Kingdom,” the official added.
In January, Labor Minister Mufrej Al-Haqabani and Bangladeshi Minister for Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment Nurul Islam decided to increase the number of housemaids that are sent to the Kingdom annually. During the bilateral meeting, both ministers agreed to enhance cooperation in the field of manpower by addressing issues such as migration costs and by giving more training to Saudi-bound workers as well as recruiting more male workers for the mutual benefit of the two countries.