No salaries, no valid Iqamas, workers stuck in Yanbu

Jeddah — A number of Asian workers in Yanbu have filed a case at the labor office for not being paid their salaries for more than a year.

The sponsor has not even extend the Iqamas (residence permits) of many of these workers.

The labor office told these workers that their case will be forwarded to the higher court. But it will take at least three weeks because of procedural issues, the workers were reportedly told.

No salaries, no valid Iqamas, workers stuck in YanbuMushtaq, working as a janitor in the company for 18 years, said, “I have taken my children out of school back in Pakistan. I fear that they will not be able to join new academic year if I did not get my dues.”

Mushtaq’s Iqama expired seven months ago and so has his medical insurance card.

He said that the owner of the accommodation rented by the company for the workers has asked them several times to vacate it because of the non-payment of rent.

Sagheer Khan, a supervisor in the company, said, “I do not have even a single riyal to go anywhere and find another job and sponsor. Many of us cannot move around because we do not have valid Iqamas.”

The workers have also contacted their respective embassies and consulates.
“We contacted our consulate and they promised all help,” said Farooq, a Pakistani worker.

Shamsuddin, an Indian worker, said that his consulate also promised all help.

Saudi Gazette has received the file indicating the names of the workers and the amounts of the delayed salaries along with official documents issued by the labor office.

Documents indicate that the representative of the company did not show up at the labor office.

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