PCB not to boycott T20 World Cup in India: Wasim Akram


Former Pakistani team captain Wasim Akram has advised the PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) against thinking about a boycott of the World T20 in India in March-April next year due to Notwithstanding India’s delay in giving approval for the proposed India-Pakistan bilateral series in December.

“I realise that the Indians have taking long time to deciding on the bilateral series with Pakistan, but even if it does not happen now it will happen soon,” Akram said at a function in Karachi.

The former fast bowler said, “But yes I think the Indian board should also give a clear answer whether they want to play or not and put the issue aside,”

However, The PCB should not even think about boycotting the World T20 for any reason, “The World T20 is an ICC event and we should participate in it at all costs. If we don’t it will harm us in the long run,” Akram Said.

Pakistan Cricket Board chief Shaharyar Khan has said, PCB will ask security clearance from the government of India before deciding to send its team to India for the World T20.

“Not playing in the World T20 will only affect our cricket and our players. If India doesn’t want to play with us, fine. We can also survive without playing them. But the problem of terrorism will not be solved even if we play or don’t play,” Akram Pointed out.

The Famous left-armer said he had always got the same love and adulation from India that the people of Pakistan always have for Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar.

He said, “If we play bilateral cricket it is good for both countries.”