Russia preparing to put economic sanctions on Turkey

Russia preparing put economic sanctions on Turkey-Liveind24

Russia is preparing to impose economic wide sanctions on Turkey .
Turkey on Tuesday after Russian aircraft had dropped two countries remains tense. TV on the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said in a statement that the trade, transport and tourism and will share the investment plans of the

ban may also be turned off. Medvedev said, "Russia's economic interests in Turkey to limit or prohibit the supply of goods, including food items, such as prevention measures which will be taken."

"The investment schemes will apply similar rules. Those with high levels of cooperation with Turkey will be based on trust. "Russia is Turkey's second largest trading partner in the region, while the Russian tourists in Turkey is the most popular foreign tourist destination. Russia alleges that Russian aircraft dropped without warning by Turkey. If Turkey claims that Russian aircraft had violated Wayusima despite warnings to Turkey. Turkey has rejected the demand of Russia's to apologize. USA, European Union and the United Nations has appealed for calm from both countries.