Sponsor drops charges against maid after she embraces Islam


JEDDAH :– A Saudi has withdrawn all charges against his Filipino maid after she expressed her desire to embrace Islam while she in the detention center.

The woman was accused of defaming Turki Al-Jesh making use of social media networks, Google Earth and Philippines media as well as stealing money from his house.

The woman, named Catrina, had admitted all her wrongdoings in front of the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution.

Al-Jesh, who belonged to Onaizah in the Qassim region, dropped all the charges against the maid after coming to know that she wanted to embrace Islam.

Al-Jesh told Al-Watan Arabic daily that he had waived all the claims against the woman and won her release from the detention center. Later, Al-Jesh assisted Catrina to pronounce the Shahada that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the Prophet of Allah at his house.

The woman’s name has been changed from Catrina to Jourie as per her wish, the Arabic daily said. Since then the woman has been observing Ramadan fasts with Al-Jesh’s family, the paper reported, adding that she was happy to embrace Islam.

Jourie said the main reason behind her embracing Islam was the good behavior of her sponsor and his family toward her despite the wrongs she had committed.

“I was surprised to see such magnanimity and tolerance from this family even after I had done so many things against the family in order to harm its reputation,” she added.

The woman had earlier run out of Al-Jesh’s house through an AC hole and the Saudi man had received threatening calls from the Philippines from unknown individuals.

At one point she had accused Al-Jesh of burning her body and claimed she was possessing medical evidence to prove it. But she later withdrew all the charges against the sponsor.