Try This Secret Chinese Remedy To Remove Blackheads At Home! (Gurranteed)


Are you feeling self-conscious lately to pose for pictures? Is the reason behind your loss of confidence the blackheads on your skin? Well, if yes, then we totally understand your plight. Blackheads can prove to be quite a hassle and they can also make you look unattractive. Having these undesirable black spots all over your face can surely make you feel low, when it comes to your looks. Blackheads are normally concentrated more around your nose and forehead, known as the T-zone, where the oil production is higher.

remedy blackheadWhen the the sebum produced in our skin gets clogged in the pores, along with the impurities, it leads to conditions such as acne and blackheads. Blackheads can also be caused by other reasons such as a poor diet, lack of a skin care regime, hormonal imbalance, too much exposure to the sun, etc. Sometimes, even certain makeup products that you use can trigger the onset of blackheads.

remedy blackhead2

Did you know that the Chinese have a simple, yet effective, homemade remedy to help eliminate blackheads? You didn’t? Read all about it here and do try it at home! Recipe To Prepare The Face Pack Ingredients Required: Salt – 2 teaspoons Toothpaste – 1 teaspoon The mixture of salt and toothpaste acts as a scrub, which can remove the dead cell layer present on your skin and it also strips away the blackheads along with the dead skin cells. This mixture penetrates deep into the pores and flushes out the sebum, impurities and bacteria that ar
e clogged inside, thereby providing a deep cleansing action.