Unpaid for 7 months, workers hold protest

saudi oger company employee at protest

JEDDAH: Hundreds of protesting Saudi Oger employees, demanding unpaid wages from the company for over seven months, were dispersed by police.

The employees caused traffic disruptions in northern Jeddah and shut down a gas station.
Col. Atti Al-Qurashi, Makkah region police spokesman, said the issue of unpaid wages concerns the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, whereas the duty of the police is to maintain public security and break up such large gatherings and demonstrations.

Khaled Aba Al-Khail, ministry’s spokesman, said the problem is related to delayed salaries and a clarification will be given at a later date; however attempts to obtain a statement from the ministry’s branch in the region were unsuccessful, said a report.

Ahmed Al-Ghamdi, media director at the ministry’s branch in the Makkah region, said in a previous statement that the services of the company were suspended for violating the Wage Protection Law and that several visits were made to the company to finalize procedures related to payment of all employees and to end travel procedures for those with terminated contracts.

He confirmed standard fines and penalties were slapped on the company for such violations.

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